Yogyakarta Weekend Escape

Must admit, we have been doing a lot of these mini getaways lately. With increasing likelihood of my stint working in Singapore coming to an end, there’s been more ‘urgency’ to visit more of the nearby attractions that I wanted to, but haven’t gotten around to. For this past weekend of 8th Oct, I decided to cover Yogyakarta / Jogyakarta in Indonesia. Unlike most other weekend getaways, this is perhaps the first time Ethan’s grandpa/grandma came along with us! I can only assume Yogyakarta isn’t particularly high on most travellers’ list, as our flight

Bull In Phuket

Phuket Weekend Getaway

We’ve reached a point in our life in Singapore, where we are beginning to struggle with knowing where to go for short weekend breaks. For this Hari Raya Haji long weekend (12th September), we went with Phuket for no apparent reason, and it’s certainly not my preferred destination (especially with a baby). The last time I was in Phuket was when I was a little kid travelling with my parents. So this trip is as good as coming for the first time, given I had almost no memory of my childhood trip here! In my

Ethan Birthday

Ethan’s Second Birthday

I am finding that every post I write now includes pointing out just how fast time flies! Ethan is already 2, and I swear it felt like yesterday that he landed on our lap and invaded our lives. All good… his actual birthday being 21st July, was on a week day (Thursday) so we didn’t really do a whole heap except a small celebration with other kids at his play school. Fortunately his actual birthday celebration on the 23rd (Saturday) was a bit more interesting. I didn’t quite have anything ‘grand’

Maldives Per Aquum

Trip to Rainy Paradise

Time flies when you have a baby. Before we realised it, it had already been 3 years since we were last in Maldives. Life was simple back then, with just the two of us, and the trip was our delayed honeymoon destination.  We decided to go back to Maldives this year given how much we liked it last time. Somehow we justified/rationalised it with an excuse that went something along the lines of celebrating my birthday, with the added significance of  ‘the last trip’ before baby turns 2 after which we have to pay for


Week in Shanghai

Work had a sudden change in direction for me this month, which meant I will be focused on efforts to establish a new development centre in Shanghai for a couple of months. Good part was that it included a trip to Shanghai, possibly multiple trips there in the near future. Little did I know that I was up for my first one within weeks of starting the new role! For this first one, it was to be a 1 week trip from 9th-15th June, and wifey and baby wasn’t going to miss out! So

Gili Island Cycling

Time To Relax at Lombok

Lombok is my third trip to Indonesia this month, since the visa waiver announcement for Australians. This little stint was the longest of the 3 trips, being a four day weekend due to Labour day public holiday plus an extra day off work. Our trip didn’t start off too well though, given that Ethan got sick and had 39 degrees temperature which was worrying. Our trip started on Friday with a flight to Kuala Lumpur and a stay overnight in the transit hotel Sama Sama Express KLIA2. We thought we


Day Trip to Batam Revisited

Looking back at my photo archives, Batam was one of the first destinations we went exploring outside of Singapore on weekends when we first moved to Singapore in 2013 (just over 3 years ago). It didn’t leave an impression good enough to even blog about. Back then, as an Australian passport holder, a visa fee still applied, so a short trip there was barely worth it, even with a cheap ferry ride there. Now that the visa fee no longer applies, we thought we would give it another shot. After all, it’s


Bandung Weekend Holiday

It feels like ages since we had a break, even though looking back it has barely been 2 months since our last holiday in Japan! Nevertheless, this felt like a much needed rejuvenation trip from the hustle and bustle of daily life. We only booked this trip weeks ago, perhaps on the back of the recent news about Australians finally not having to pay a visa fee to enter Indonesia!! http://www.smh.com.au/world/indonesian-tourist-visa-fee-set-to-be-scrapped-for-australians-20160201-gmj9cy.html For a country that’s literally next door, we really haven’t visited it all that much, and I blame the fee for that.

First Day of School

It’s Ethan’s official first day of ‘school’. Perhaps I really shouldn’t be calling it a ‘school’, or even a ‘pre-school’ as they call it. It’s really just a child care centre, where mummy gets to take a break and get a few hours to herself. Nevertheless, this ‘school’ requires uniform, which to me is just another way for them to suck more money out of parents! Anyway.. the school is called ‘LeClare’ which is a relatively new school not too far from our place, located at Shaw Towers near Bugis. Luckily

First RC Helicopter

After my dad got a toy RC helicopter from Japan a couple of months back and fooling around with it, I decided I needed a ‘real’ RC helicopter. The one I’ve been playing with is a Jozen 3-channel, that’s perfectly fun for indoor. Funnily though, the toy heli was intended for Ethan! Except he’s way too young to play with RC toys. So, who better to ‘play’ with it than me!? After a couple of months playing with it, it eventually died. After watching a couple of inspirational RC heli